Rooms With a View - Design Bureau

Untitled (G.S.I), 2006, 70×50 cm (27×20″). Photo courtesy Menno Aden.

Rooms With a View

Friday, November 16th, 2012

In Menno Aden’s photo series Room Portraits, even familiar places like grocery stores and classrooms feel foreign when seen from above. “The idea of room portraits was born when I did a kind of diary of everyday food I ate,” Aden says. “I took pictures of the table from above, standing on a chair. The cups, plates, and food became very abstract, and the food didn’t look that tasty anymore.”

To get the aerial shots, Aden uses monopods or tripods with a boom and remote control to map a room, then he composites together several images. He prefers photographing small, ordinary rooms, and says although he doesn’t have a dream room to photograph, a factory would be interesting. “The view from above is a very analytic view,” he says. “All the things look emancipated next to each other.”