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Rugged Remodel

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Images courtesy of Ward + Blake Architects 

A seamless transformation from bachelor pad to spacious family abode requires careful consideration and a healthy dose of creativity. And that’s just what the architects at Ward + Blake Architects delivered at this rustic Wyoming residence. The remodel was meant to update and expand the 1980s home, without forfeiting its distinctive character.

“The owners had deep regard for the land and the original house,” Ward + Blake principal Tom Ward says. Accordingly, the project emphasized original details and maintained the same scale as the original structure.

The site presented a challenge as the floor plan is situated on a plateau just below the edge of the road above, leaving only one area for the new addition. New foundations were added to stabilize the existing structure before constructing the addition.

Inside, the Ward + Blake team added a master bedroom and office suite, garage, and mother-in-law suite to the existing house. Interior details in the remodel included tongue-and-groove ceilings, end-grain fir floors, as well as a dramatic new kitchen for its “foodie” homeowners.

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