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Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Featured Company: Satinwood, Ltd. - Location: Bedford Hills, New York - Project Type: Residence - Project Name: 125 Davids Hill Road

Photos by Drew Heffron,

By Brendan Dabkowski

Tasked with breathing new life into this mid-century Bedford Hills, New York, property, Satinwood, Ltd. rose to the challenge of honoring the vision of original architect Edward Larabee Barnes, while making the home livable and comfortable for a modern family.

The residence, which sits atop Davids Hill and offers remote vistas in all directions, was “an architectural treasure when it was built in 1969,” says Satinwood founder Marsha Russell, adding that “nothing had been changed or updated since then."

Keeping the “bones of the house” intact during the renovation was a top priority. Satinwood used 21st Century technology to match and improve every original detail of the house, creating a seamless look between new and existing elements. The property’s original walls and ceilings were replaced, the bathrooms were renovated, and the kitchen was updated.

“When the new master suite was added, it had to fit perfectly into the landscape, as well as the original part of the house, and not call attention to or detract from anything,” Russell says. Pursuant with this idea, Satinwood installed automatic glass doors through which to enter the suite, which includes a wine cellar with white floor-to-ceiling racks. Throughout the home, floor-to-ceiling doors blend into white walls, which “blur the line between inside and out.”

Outside, a pool, moss garden, stonewalls, and granite reflecting pond connects owners and visitors with the natural landscape. A blend of modern and vintage furniture and furnishings create welcoming areas to sit, dine, and entertain— outside and in—and enhance the architecture and landscape without one interfering with the enjoyment of the other, Russell says.

“Every choice, large and small, was made with purpose and to enhance the concept of opening the spaces up to more light and views,” Russell says. “It remains a tribute to Mr. Barnes’ vision.”


“Renovations are always more challenging than new construction, as there are surprises you cannot foresee until you begin work,” says David L. Prutting, owner of Prutting & Company Custom Builders. “On this project, the biggest challenge we encountered was a significant amount of rock ledge while excavating for the new addition. The foundations required a challenging underpinning process.”

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