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Sensible Shades

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Featured Company: Sun Decor Fabrics - Location: Battery Park City, New York - Project Type: Residence - Project Name: The Visionaire

Photo by Marcy Feld Photography,

By Brendan Dabkowski

When it comes to designing a space, no detail is too small—even aspects like the curtains must be tailored to fit the aeshetics. When Sun Decor Fabrics outfitted the Visionaire condo building’s entry lobby with new drapery, they needed to find a way to integrate the fabric, track hardware and finished curtains in a way that complemented the structure’s contemporary architecture and also conformed to its LEED Platinum certifications.

The curtains were made of sustainable materials, without compromising the aesthetics of the space. “The sheer fabric allows some daylight to filter through,” says Sun Decor principal Gloria Neumann, “but at the same time, it catches a small amount [of light], making the fabric almost glow from within.” This helps set a soft and romantic atmosphere. A “wave system,” meanwhile, ensures that the curtains hang in a continuous wavy pattern, producing clean lines that accentuate the columns and beautiful finishes around the lobby.

The client, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, was happier about what the curtains hide: unattractive HVAC vents. A special 18-inch-high hem that is the same color of fabric as other sheer counterparts in the room, but heavier in weight, was installed to control unwanted billowing.

The drapery hardware also was important to bolstering the lobby’s look, Neumann says: “Every segment of track was different. There are short segments with sharp-angle bends, while other parts were longer and contained a gradual curve. This made it possible for the track to perfectly follow the shape of the ceiling.” Even better, she adds, it was an exciting project to see completed because “it showed that when a client and supplier work together, there are no challenges that cannot be overcome.”



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