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Skate ‘N’ Paint

Monday, January 16th, 2012

It’s a cop’s worst nightmare: no, not getting assigned to Segway patrol—a skateboard with a can of spray paint attached. Hoping to bring his two lifelong passions together, British street artist D*Face, a.k.a. Dean Stockton, masterminded the freaky instrument of mayhem. “I thought about how I could document or record the paths of the skaters,” Stockton says. He was inspired in part by long-exposure light-trail photos and a TV commercial for a kids’ scooter with chalk attached.

The tricky part was getting the contraption to be both low profile and durable, so as to take a beating without interfering with the skaters’ maneuvers. The paint can is controlled by a remote system that applies variable amounts of pressure to the nozzle on the underside of the board. After a year of fine-tuning, it was ready to rock. With the pool as a concave canvas, the riders became the paintbrushes. “It had a real quality,” Stockton says. “It looked like a crazy spirograph, or a woundup ball of string.”

Artists and Concept: D'Face

Photography: MRZ

Skaters: Steve Alba, Ozzie Ausband, Kevin Burke, Dave Ruel, Tristan Rennie

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