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Skora Running Shoes

Monday, October 1st, 2012

By Justin Ray

In recent years, the world of running shoe design has been completely upended. Minimal, ultralight shoe designs from the major and minor brands now compete with more established cushioning technology. And naturally, there are new kids on the block with their own radical designs.

SKORA running shoes, the designers say, are constructed to minimize injuries and they're clearly from the new school of athletic shoe design. SKORA shoes barely mediate the physical act of running. They are intended to allow people to run the way in which the human body was designed. With SKORA, the entire foot impacts the ground—rather than the heel taking the brunt of the impact. Running this way, the designers say, causes less shock throughout the body. The shoes are also wider in the toe area and less cushioning throughout in keeping with SKORA's design philosophy: "We believe that running shoes should be built to encourage running performance that is as biomechanically correct as possible, with minimal interference."

The shoes are unisex and come in two varieties: BASE and FORM. BASE shoes are lightweight, durable mesh upper, a X-strap closure and a fit that imitates the human foot’s shape. FORM features a Goatskin leather upper and lining with asymmetrical lacing with no tongue. 

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