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Small Monuments

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Text by Jessica Barrett Sattell 

When The Design Museum London asked Susannah Dowse to create a jewelry collection that would complement their retrospective exhibit Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture, the UK-based designer became fascinated with the modernist master’s life and work. Dowse, her established line that is more art-object than adornment, shares the late American architect’s commitment to an elevated use of basic materials.

Dowse found many parallels between her own work and that of Kahn and shaped her collection to pay  homage to the design visionary through a harmonious usage of simple geometric forms and finishes to reflect light—just like his buildings. The assortment of steel and brass necklaces and earrings feature playful combinations of strong shapes, such as circles layered upon triangles or hexagons nestled within grids.

Although the show closed in October, the pieces will be available at the Design Museum London through the holidays, as well as on the museum’s website and through Dowse at into 2015.

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