Snow Swagger Fashions - Design Bureau

1. Nautilus D.G.L. Mountain Parka from Denham

2. Standard Stache Face Mask from Airhole, photo by Scott Serfas

3. Stocking Chata from Howitzweissbach, photo by Thomas Dachs

4. Powder Boards from Praxis Skis


Snow Swagger Fashions

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

by Delia Cai

This winter, hitting the slopes doesn’t have to mean letting style tumble downhill, too. Instead, ditch the lumpy coats and generic snow gear and equip yourself with these fashionable trappings of the season. Now, if only that black diamond run were just as easy…

1. Denham’s Nautilus D.G.L. Mountain Parka, inspired by vintage weather anoraks and diving suits, is cut from real Dutch military tarpaulins, so braving the elements is the least of your worries. Snap on the removable cowl and easily layer in insulator liners to stay cozy at any height.

2. The bank robber balaclava is so last December. Add a little humor to your winter weather get-up with Airhole's  Standard Stache Series facemask. Mustache wax not included.

3. Keep your feet toasty in the most frigid temperatures with pure Merino wool stockings from Howitzweissbach. They’re made by a knitting granny from Leipzig, Germany, so you'll have a bit of handknit love with you wherever you go.

4. Praxis Skis' Powder Boards boast bold graphics and topnotch construction. Added bonus: a translucent topsheet lets you admire both the graphics and inner construction.