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Spaceship or Water Droplet?

Friday, June 1st, 2012

By Sarah Murray

It is difficult to look at the spheroidal shape and reflective, metallic outer surface of the Oct Design Museum without immediately calling to mind an alien spacecraft. Once inside the Shenzen museum, spectators ascend in said spaceship to a surrealistic landscape of shadowless, borderless white. Designed by Studio Pei Zhu for fashion shows, product design, and conceptual car shows, the continuous, curved white walls give visitors the feeling of floating in a cloud. Inset triangular windows and skylights even call to mind imagery of birds in flight. The bright colors of exhibitions held in the transcendental space would appear to pop and float in front of one's eyes, distinctly contrasting against the almost perfectly neutral background. Resembling a water droplet washed up on shore by the nearby bay, the structure's flowing form is a pure blank canvas set against the sharp angles of the city behind it.

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