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Monday, February 20th, 2012

by Delia Cai

Map-lovers, city slickers, and even the directionally-challenged can all agree: New York City has a kick-ass layout. Aminimal, a Brooklyn design studio, thought so, too, so they turned the NYC street grid into their Urban Gridded Collections. 

The collections offer up earrings, clocks, and corkboards that stay true to the Big Apple's layout. “It is very important for our designs to go beyond their graphic representations of the city,” says John Briscella, one of Aminimal's creative minds. It's no surprise, then, that all of the Urban Gridded products double as actual working maps. Look at one as a piece of home décor for long enough, and you just might feel roused to turn off the trusty Garmin.

 But if you bring it along, just in case, we won’t tell.