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Face Studio

Exposed brick archways, semi-circle windows and a palette of white, black, pink-orange and red acrylic colors throughout, the spaces gives off an urban feel. “Each room has its own style,” says Bracho. Three employees sit at a large, L-shaped desk made from OSB wood atop a polished concrete floor.

Face Studio

Face Studio

A two-hour lunch is ample time for the creative bunch to enjoy neighboring restaurants, including an Irish pub, Aguas Frescas and chocolateries. “We’re very relaxed about breaks,” says Bracho.

Face Studio

Nestled in the trees in San Pedro, Face’s office blends rustic brick elements with clean lines and modern finishes.

Face Studio

Clients are greeted in the small lobby with low, modern seating and a flat-screen television displaying Face projects on a black wall. “It’s very important to have an office that promotes creativity,” says Bracho. “Not only for the people that work here, but also for our clients…they love a cool office.”

Face Studio

A daily reminder of simplicity comes in the form of a large neon sign reading “Supermodernism.” Bracho’s love for simple things gives direction to his team throughout its design process. “The best thing about modernism is that it’s made for everybody, forever,” says Bracho. “Its intention is to deliver a universal, timeless message. That’s why it’s so simple. As Dieter Rams would say: ‘Less, but better.’ ”

Daniel says:

That place looks amazing!

Sue if you’re still looking, those toys are called “Dunny”

Sue Farrow says:

I agree with Tina! Wish I worked at a fun, creative place. Please forgive this silly question: What are those smaller, similar, funky looking ‘toys’ called? (The 3rd pic down). Thanks!

Tina Manis says:

Love it, very fitting, very simple.

Studio Tour: Face

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Location: San Pedro, Mexico
Number of Employees: 5
Founded: 2006
Notable Projects: Skyy Vodka, Hardpop Nightclub

Often in the design industry, the only products shown to the world are the finished ones. But every great design starts somewhere, and for Face Studio, this somewhere is an eclectic building on a busy, tree-lined avenue in San Pedro, Mexico. The headquarters might be modest, but this multidisciplinary design company does not let that stop it from producing a vast array of modern, captivating projects. The studio’s impressive portfolio includes branding for popular Mexican nightclub Hardpop, and packaging design for SKYY vodka. “The main idea was to create a small yet fresh design studio specialized in pure, modernist graphic design,” says Face partner Rik Bracho.

Text by Lauren Del Campo
Photos by Face Studio


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