Swiss Ski Gondolas Get an Awesome New Life - Design Bureau


ECAL / Baker Wardlaw‘s Vending Machine


Atelier Oï‘s La cabina del Papa


Adrien Rovero‘s Rock


Jörg Boner + Lela Scherrer’s Screen

Swiss Ski Gondolas Get an Awesome New Life

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Photos by Annik Wetter

Anyone who's ever visited the mountain villages of Switzerland probably wants to bring a little piece of the awe-inspiring locale home with him. The nonprofit Mountain Climbers Association in in Verbier, Switzerland, is making that possible by having a group of seven designers, artists, and art collectives repurpose a collection of old ski slope gondolas. Adrien Rovero, Anoush Abrar, Atelier Oï, ECAL / Baker Wardlaw, Jörg Boner + Lela Scherrer, Philippe Cramer, and Nicolas Le Moigne each had their way with a gondola, reinventing them as a vending machine, a privacy screen, a dining table, and more. They were on display at Design Miami Basel in June before heading to the Geneva Airport, where they'll be displayed before Christie's auctions them off on October 8, with all of the proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Switzerland. The bidding is already open at the Mountain Climbers' website

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