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T. Shelf, $400, www.j1studio.com

T. Shelf

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Designer Jae Won Cho has put a new spin on shelving systems with T. Shelf, his modular triangle shelving unit designed for modern nomadic culture. The unit is meant to fit around a person’s existing furniture, adding storage space where it’s needed. T. Shelf uses zip ties to assemble the triangular-shaped pieces rather than screws to cut down on parts and labor requirements.

“My first approach was to get rid of screws, which also gets rid of the tools in assembling the furniture,” says the practically-minded Cho. The zip ties are used to connect the individual pieces into one piece of solid furniture. The shape-shifting unit can be formed five ways and packs flat for space-saving transformation that doesn’t compromise the quality of the design.

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