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Monday, June 30th, 2014

Images courtesy of Melissa Lukenbaugh 

More than two decades after KSQ Architects’ David Short first designed a contemporary cottage in a historic Oklahoma neighborhood, he was asked to give it a second look. The homeowners wanted a fresh twist on Short’s original 1988 plans, so the architect removed interior walls to create a more open feel, added a pool and outdoor living space, and replaced a breakfast nook with a custom curved kitchen counter to fit the already dramatic double- volume ceiling.

“As an infill in a historic neighborhood, this home feels both slightly modern and yet at home among bungalows and colonial inspired architecture that’s more than 100 years old,” Short says. “The home features symmetry, clean lines, and little surprises, like the cupola-style skylights on the second and third levels, which lend an almost nautical feel to the home.”

The outdoor space the homeowners requested bucked neighborhood tradition, placing entertaining space alongside a new pool and water feature, in the area of the property typically reserved for the garage. From the dining room, the homeowners and their guests can now see directly to the double-sided fireplace outside thanks to the remod- eled kitchen’s new sightlines.

“It’s a nice symmetrical feature that is really pleasing to the eye,” Short says.

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