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Thursday, October 18th, 2012

By Kate Yeh Chiu

A few months ago, we told you about a freakishly alive light installation in Sydney called "Dune X" by Daan Roosegaarde. The Dutch designer now brings his work to a Lille, France church in the form of a massive, almost sentient disco ball.

"Lotus Dome" is another presentation of Roosegaarde's signature experimentation with light, materials, and interactivity.  The dome, covered in "smart flowers" built from a specially developed Mylar foil, reacts to the presence of people. A deep and atmospheric sound recording sets the mood for visitors. As the flowers sense movement they crinkle open to reveal a glow emanating from within. Like some beautiful redesign of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, the dome scatters dynamic bits of light across the dark interior of a church chapel.

"Lotus Dome" is Roosegaarde's most haunting and spiritual project to date. And it's incredibly cool and sci-fi. Its fantastical mixing of technology, people, and architecture creates what Roosegaarde calls "techno-poetry" —but if you strip away the ethereal bass noise and replace it with some sweet EDM, you'll get what we call a Renaissance rave.

Visit "Lotus Dome" at the Sainte Marie Madeleine Church in Lille, France. The installation is part of the Fantastic 2012 design festival, and will be on display through 13 January, 2013.

See the Lotus Dome video 

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