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Tenerarca iPhone and Tablet Cases Look Great, Feel Better

Friday, April 26th, 2013

We've seen a lot of cool iPhone and iPad cases, but not many of them can claim to look good and make you feel better. Tenerarca cases' super-silky premium leather is organic and antimicrobial, and it's treated with a technology called UPSKIN that produces biochemical reactions like increasing serotonin levels, relieving stress, and boosting energy. We talk to Eskei Park, founder and designer of Tenerarca, about the health-conscious cases.

How did the idea for the design come about? Did you see a gap in what other companies offered in terms of quality cases?
While the fundamental design feature of any smart phone and tablet case available on the market is to protect the device from scratches or damages, we identified that there is a severely limited selection of cases that offered a combination of function, luxury, and protection. Many cases on the market use material that is cheap in quality and cost, such as plastic and rubber. All of our cases are designed with these issues in mind by offering a significant level of protection while still maintaining the conceptualization of the consumer experience. Infused with our patented technology, we offer products using the finest leather that is both lightweight and ultra-soft, which provide for a unique and luxurious option in protecting a consumer’s device. Furthermore, our cases are infused with antimicrobial protection, which is designed to kill and prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Our innovative product design not only protects the devices, but also protects the users.

Who do you see as your target audience for this product?
Our products are designed specifically towards smart phone and/or tablet owners who demand a combination of a luxurious appeal of ultra-soft genuine leather with awareness for health and well-being. Our target consumers are expansive, but are especially ideal for those who need adequate antimicrobial protection, such as parents, children, and professionals that work with many individuals such as nurses, doctors, school teachers, and fashion designers.

Can you tell us a little about the leather you used and the unique technology properties it has?
All our products use 100 percent genuine leather, and the all-natural and organic components instill a long-lasting antimicrobial protection that is designed to kill and prevent the proliferation of bacteria. This premium leather also emits negative ions (proven to increase blood flow), which help boost energy, reduce fatigue, relieve stress, and improve skin condition.

How were these technologies developed, and are they exclusive to Tenerarca products?
Due to consumers’ increasing awareness of bacteria and diseases transmitted through everyday consumer products, plastic and metal product designers have started including antimicrobial functionalities into their products. However, due to the limited advancements of leather production, leather goods were not able to follow suit to the consumers’ demands. This issue triggered a passion to innovate and, after much research and development, we have patented the world’s first antimicrobial leather technology. Currently, this patented leather technology is only available to Tenerarca products, but we plan to expand, in the near future, this technology to the various leather brands around the world for consumer usage.

The colors really pop. How did you choose the colors that you offer?
We experimented with each color identified in the 2013 Color Trends and selected the colors that looked most natural and luxurious when the leather has been dyed without color coating. In addition, we also put into consideration whether the color complements as a fashion accessory.

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