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The Art of Knit

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Know the old yarn about the once fresh, now somewhat staid Italian clothing brand that thought it wise to spice up it's arty rep with a kooky pop-up shop? Well, now you do—and we've also had a chance to make a knitting pun at no extra charge. Benetton's Art of Knit shop is open in NYC's SoHo and it is, as they have mentioned, "a very bright, colorful and creative space, where art, design, installations and fashion knitwear meet." 

What else do you need to know?

• The pop-up space is located at 135 Crosby Street and will be open until December 2012.

• It's in a former service station garage.

• It's showing unique collection of art pieces knitted by resident artists of FABRICA, mixed with design objects for sale, as well as Benetton sweaters.

 It's showing sensual LANA SUTRA sculptures created by artist Erik Ravelo which make use of wool to reference the warmth of human touch in embracing forms. You might call them "sweater people getting it on" for shorthand's sake.

• There appears to be a working pay phone out front—unless that's an art piece, hard to say.

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