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Hunter S Depp by Borbay

Hunter S Depp

Detective Morgan Somerset by Borbay

Detective Morgan Somerset

Dr Bill Venkman by Borbay

Dr Bill Venkman

Guggenheim 4 by Borbay

Guggenheim 4

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The Art of Self-Representation

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

By Gem Barton
Images courtesy of Borbay

Collage artist Borbay’s work combines texture, words, and colors to create “portraits” of celebrities, including Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Kanye West. The artist, who was named by Time Out as one of New York’s most creative, doesn’t have an agent or a PR person. Instead, he follows the Warhol mantra: Good business is the best art.

“When you go to art school, your professors teach you to shoot slides, send them to hundreds of galleries, and hold your breath,” says Borbay. “Instead, I create, promote, exhibit, and sell my work personally. In the beginning, it was an uphill battle. Now it’s a major plus for my collectors.” Although being his own business manager and marketing team must add another level of stress to his already high-profile career, there is an upside to it; not having gallery representation means an artist is not subjected to high commissions, up to as much as 50 percent of the sale price.

But the associated lack of publicity can often impact an artist’s chances of being selected for representation at a higher level. “Without gallery  representation, you are completely and utterly off the museum radar,” he says. Though Borbay thinks change will happen soon. “My theory? As the independent artist model grows and becomes more prevalent, so too will the curators expand their radar. At some point, I look forward to a meeting of the minds, and finding a museum wall my way.”

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