02. The Bedford | The Restaurant Guide 2012

02. The Bedford | The Restaurant Guide 2012

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

By Lawrence Karol

Great food and great design don’t always go hand in hand—but they should. From a small pizza joint in New York City to a massive art-infused former factory in Sydney, these amazing spaces will sate your appetite for both wonderfully-prepared dishes and creative interiors.

Chicago, IL

At The Bedford, you can live what I imagine to be a dream for all those Gordon Gekko types out there: dining inside a bank vault. Anne Smith, Partner at Salita Development, was responsible for the transformation of a 9,000-square-foot historic bank space into a Chicago hotspot.

Fortunately for Smith, much of the historic former bank’s contents were still around for her to play with. “We were lucky enough to be able to work with a wealth of original materials such as the bank’s teller grills, terrazzo flooring, and marble columns.” Smith smartly repurposed other leftover resources, using old marble as the surround for the fireplace, and the faces of silver safety deposit boxes as a shimmery backdrop for the dining room. Artfully updated, this old bank has found an invaluable new purpose.

FOOD: Locally-sourced Midwestern fare

DON'T MISS DISH: Anne Smith loves the Cucumber Cooler cocktail, as well as the mussels steamed with chiles, garlic, spring onions, Schlitz, and a touch of cream.



 Design nirvana.

 Did someone say ‘wow’?  

  Pretty damn cool.  


  Calling for a redesign.  

Knock it down and start again.



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