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The Culturist: Jonn Coolidge

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

by Sean Yashar

After graduating with a degree in graphic design and briefly dabbling in fashion photography, photographer Jonn Coolidge discovered interior photography. It was the perfect communion of his talents. Today, he divides his time between New York and Los Angeles, working with such notable clients as Tom Ford, Neiman Marcus, B&B Italia, and Kravet, as well as contributing regularly to such publications as Elle Decor and House Beautiful. Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jonn for “If Design Were…” -- a new interview format that will be making occasional appearances in The Culturist.

If design were an object?

One that combines elements of architecture, sculpture, and painting. A Donald Judd sculpture.

…a song?

The one that inspires me to be creative. It will different tomorrow and on and on.

… a film?

Fellini’s Satyricon. Lush, decadent, fantastical, fragmented artistry.

…a memory?

An ever-fleeting one.

…a moment?

The moment I realized I was falling in love.

…an era?

One that has not happened yet. The future is exhilarating.

…a place?

Monument Valley, Utah.  A place where you are humbled and overpowered by the power of nature.

…a person?

Woody Allen. He combines wit and neuroticism -- and don’t forget narcissism.

…an animal?

It would be my dogs… Duh!

…a city?


…a food?

Chocolate. Rich and addictive!

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