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The Dog Show

Friday, August 24th, 2012

By Justin Ray

When friends-since-preschool Christine Stormberg and Anna Dewey Greer opened their boutique The Dog Show in Los Angeles they really went for it—if "it" means bringing their kitschy youthful daydreams to life in grown-up form. 

The Omaha, Nebraska natives opened the shop to sell clothing, jewelry and other vintage finds. But what really distinguishes the space are details like the unicorn head exploding out of the storefront. Inside, everything is pink—even the register. Hair accessories are displayed on a wall of hanging hair. The store telephone is a cat—it doesn't ring, it meows. 

The Dog Show has the feel of a Betsey Johnson store on hallucinogens. Naturally, it's a magnet for freaky activity. With designers like Malcolm Stuart and Peggy Noland, the girls host parties in their self-proclaimed "girly wonderland." There's certainly something charming about the feminine chaos of the shop. Crazy can be beautiful.

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