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Michelene Print Boutique, interior by Anagrama


The Sid Vicious-meets-Mozart of branding

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

By Stephen Killion

Mexico-based agency Anagrama, a tightknit group of 13, isn’t satisfied with achieving one aspect of the branding process; it also designs objects, spaces and multimedia projects.

 The group’s design philosophy is simple: Push the aesthetic boundaries beyond what already exists. With an interest in both modernism and classic forms of typography/graphics, the group aims for strong brand identities with a clean direct vision. Anagrama focuses on research and “unique and integral concepts” says Anagrama’s Miguel Angel Herrera to develop a brand personality “that can compete globally."

The outcome of many of Anagrama’s projects is a mix of digital and physical brand artifacts that sometimes even exist within a specifically develop environment. "Space is the ultimate brand experience, a place where the people are able to live the personality of a brand and a critical component in client consumer relations," says Herrera.

 A great example of what Anagrama does well is Theurel & Thomas (pictured above, along with print boutique Micheline). As the first pastry shop in Mexico to specialize in French macaroons, the company wanted their tasty treat to be at the forefront of their brand identity. Through a liberal use of white, Anagrama was able to focus on the vibrant colors of the French delicacy against a clean pallet for both the storefront and packaging.

 It may not be punk meets classical, but there’s no denying that Anagrama has a way with the contradiction between change and timelessness.

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