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The So-So Chair

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

By John Dugan

If you're French designer Jean Novel, simultaneously praising your significant other and sounding like the coolest cat on the planet are all in a day's work. So why not do it in a press release? Nouvel launches The So-So Chair by Jean Nouvel for Emecoat Courtrai Biennale Interieur (October 20-28). The collection includes chairs and stools made of 80% recycled aluminum—all factory-made in Pennsylvania using the same process as the iconic '40s Navy chair—oh how I would like to add one to my collection. Nouvel feels his new chair is a proper update of the legend ("I just kept the same DNA and evolved it into a new light and comfortable chair," but he's keeping things in perspective. "This chair is special because it intimately embraces the body. But compared to my girlfriend, it is just So-So," quips Nouvel. Score one for chair, two for girlfriend, and incalculable points for designer. The first chairs were installed at Hotel Sofitel Vienna Stephandom. We expect they will be available in the States and elsewhere soon.

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