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The Westin Portland

Friday, October 26th, 2012

By Heidi Kulicke
Photos courtesy of Provenance Hotels

Portland is packed with cool shops, restaurants, and places to stay. Even Portland's Westin, a hotel usually defined by reserved architecture and interiors, has a design personality all its own. And it’s evident from the second you enter the lobby. 

Provenance, the development company that owns the hotel, wanted to properly capture the spirit of Portland in the design. Andy Ferchland, Provenance’s director of design and construction, gave the hotel’s lobby a “great room” feel by knocking down walls and installing nearly 50 works of art and design commissioned specifically for the space. “The integrated approach to curated art and design creates a mood that’s chic and fun, personalizing it for the Portland market of eclectic yet sophisticated customers,” says Provenance spokeswoman Kate Buska.

The design team accentuated the lobby with light woods, plush lounge chairs, and installed oversized windows to encourage guests to sit down and socialize. “A warm palette provides a cozy counterpoint to our often-brisk Pacific Northwest climate,” Buska says.

For the tech-savvy town that’s seemingly always online, Ferchland installed iPad stations along a wall. Now, guests can easily surf the net for area dining options, check flight information, and catch up on Portland’s latest goings-on. 

With all of the updates to the Westin’s lobby, guests aren’t in a rush to go up to their rooms. “The lobby functions as a place [where] guests can connect, relax, and enjoy,” Buska says.

Contributing to the Westin Portland’s new, trendy style is the gorgeous furniture expertly designed by Aspects Furniture. While the lobby is a total draw, up in the rooms the furniture is equally hip. “The headboard is my favorite piece,” says Brandon Sivixay of Aspects. “Because of its large size, it becomes the focal point of the room, and as you enter, it draws your attention immediately to the luxurious, heavenly bed.” From the bedroom to the lobby, the new redesign of the Westin Portland will make you dread checkout.

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