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The Wild Bodged Chair

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

By Justin Ray

In collaboration with  Oaxacan  artisan   Gabriel   López, London-based design studio Valentina González Wohlers has created "Wild Bodged Chairs," a handmade series of 'seating objects.'  The chairs draw inspiration from reclaimed practices in contemporary art, responding to generic manufacturing. But they're also about uniting designers with the past. The chair's shape even nods to the Victorian Porter's Chair.

Mora wood, sourced from San Jose del Pacifico at the highest point of Oaxaca’s  Sierra Madre, in Mexico, is used traditionally by Mexican craftsmen. Here, its gnarly, natural state is accented in a high gloss lacquer finish. Melding the influences of old school craftsmen and contemporary design, the pieces are a great example of how modern and classic sensibilities can coalesce. 

Each piece is a one-off, available for order by request.


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