Three Designers, Three Questions | The Up Studio

3 Designers / 3 Questions | The Up Studio

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

It's our typical Five Designers, Five Questions… minus a couple designers and questions. But the witty design trio at The Up Studio were too quirky to pass...up. Har, har.

1. Hallmark has taken over the world, and you're forced to design nothing but greeting cards. Which holiday do you pick first?

JEFFREY RAMIREZ (Partner/Chief Designer): I choose National Pancake Day. There are countless opportunities for National Pancake Day.

JOHN PATRICK WINBERRY (Founding Partner): I will be creating greeting cards for Festivus.

ADAM J. WANASELJA (Partner/Architect): I'm torn between St. Patrick's Day and Martin Luther King Day. I can have both? Great. Love it.

2. You have to get a company logo other than your own tattooed prominently on your face. What's it gonna be?

JR: World Wildlife Foundation—it's just a great logo. Can I get a chest piece instead?

JPW: My body is a temple and I prefer not to disturb it with imagery.

AJW: The Apple logo—it's based on the golden ratio, overlaid and rotated on itself. You could never know it's that complicated for such a simple design.

3. Pick a preposition other than "up" to end all of your sentences with.

JR: "Before," because I like to end sentences on it.

JPW: Well, everything we have done, we have ended on the word "up," so I'm going to go with "up." What up!

AJW: "Lest." And "vice" because it's on Wikipedia on the list of prepositions.

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