Leo Villareal light installation San Francisco Bay Bridge


Tonight’s the Night for The Bay Lights

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Starting tonight, there's a new reason to love the San Francisco Bay area. To mark the 75th anniversary of the less-famous-than-the Golden-Gate-but-no-less-awesome Bay Bridge, light artist Leo Villareal will unveil his long-awaited project, The Bay Lights. Touted as "the world’s largest LED light sculpture,"  the 1.8-mile-wide, 500-foot-high installation will see 25,000 white LED lights individually programmed by Villareal to create a "never-repeating, dazzling display" across the bridge. The lights go on tonight at 9PM Pacific time, and the installation runs into 2015. A live stream webcast starts at 8:30 PST if you're not in the area, and you can check out a preview video here.

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