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Trade Secrets

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

For the cavernous Design Resources showroom, architect Randy Floyd had 12,000 square feet of raw industrial space to work with... and a shoestring budget. The showroom would need to serve a variety of purposes: as a drapery workroom, office, warehouse, window covering showroom, client experience area for demonstrations of integrated lighting, window covering and audio systems, and a media center for presentations. Instead of being intimidated by the challenges, Floyd was inspired. 

“I wanted the public side to be appealing to [Design Resources’] primary customer—the interior designers, architects, and their clients,” Floyd says. “I wanted the private side of the space to be functional but invisible to clients.” 

To achieve this effect, Floyd and her team used the space’s best feature, its volume, to their advantage, giving the window covering displays ample ceiling height and room to shine. Rather than use valuable budget dollars on repairs, joints and cracks in the floor were left as patina. Interior walls were finished in gypsum board and paint. 

With hardly any windows to work with, Floyd and her team created a clever fix: Two-foot-deep light boxes fitted with dozens of dimmable fluorescent lamps simulate daylight behind window coverings. 

The fact that the owner of Design Resources happens to be Floyd’s husband was a definite perk. The couple had collaborated before on their own home and a related project, so the partnership was a natural fit. “We enjoy working together and fortunately share a preference for spare and un-ornamented spaces,” Floyd says. 

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