Mousetraps by Johanna Schmeer

Trapped Like A…

Monday, August 6th, 2012

By Sarah Murray

With genetic modification taking place in labs all over the world, are strange organisms right around the corner? Johanna Schmeer's "Mousetraps No.3, 14 and 18" explore a reality in which mutant creatures are common. The first trap ensnares a "birdsong" mouse (created by scientists to sing like birds) by playing a tune that attracts it through the loudspeaker. The "cyborg" mouse's hybrid computer-mouse brain is magnetically attracted to the second trap. Plastic tubing traps the "waltzing" mouse (a mutant mouse that actually exists with a genetic mutation in its inner ear), as it can only run in circles, not turn around. Eek! As clever as these mutant mousetraps may be, we hope we never have to actually use them.

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