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TV-Inspired Chuck Taylors

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

According to his website, Jon Defreest "specializes in digital illustration and viral imagery." Calling yourself a viral specialist is a little like Babe Ruth calling his next home run — but when you've got the skills to back it up, you're allowed to be a little presumptuous. Case in point: these custom Chuck Taylors, designed for sports-entertainment website Tauntr

It's a haggard-looking trio, inspired by three of the most popular, morbid shows on cable television: Breaking Bad, Dexter, and The Walking Dead (shout out to Norman Reedus!). Tauntr's explanation for the whole thing is pretty straightforward:

"Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars might be the most badass shoes in American history...We have found The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, & Dexter to be three of the most badass shows currently on television. So we combined them. It was that easy and that awesome." Awesome, indeed.

Unfortunately, you can't buy them...yet. If Converse — and, by extension, Nike — has any sense, however, they'll strike while the viral iron is hot and put these kicks into production. 

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