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Pinker Tones, Life in Stereo The commission was to tear the disc apart and layer the design in pieces to create a whole. Lo Siento used layers of color with a specific typeface illustrating the exploded view of the instruments used in the recording. “The final composition of the layers was really meticulous and sometimes frustrating too,” says Martínez. 


Abitare Lo Siento built a full paper piece specifically for one of the issues of the magazine. It turned the A into an architectural volumetric object, basically a staircase using the capital A.

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Type in 3-D

Monday, January 7th, 2013

For designers, picking a font and throwing some type up on the computer is no longer cutting it, especially with the likes of Lo Siento in the game. The Barcelona-based design studio leads the charge of a new trend: three-dimensional graphic design. Creative director Borja Martínez tells us his education in industrial design always informs his graphic work. “I think that graphic design is a two-dimensional representation of something that can be three-dimensional. Our ‘tactile vision’ is often more harmonious as a whole than pure digitization made by computers.” This means the team doesn’t go to the mouse, first. “We prefer to work in the workshop manually, and thus obtain something concrete,” says Martínez.

His paper engineer Gerard Miró likes to note that the group can keep working even if the power goes out. The group’s craftsmanship expresses itself as design untethered to current trends, but with a client-pleasing honesty. It’s instinctive for Lo Siento. “We need to feel, we need to touch, and speak with materials and textures,” says Martínez. Informed by architecture and industrial design, and executed with techniques from editorial photography and model building, the group has us looking at letters in a new way—even if, at the end of the day, they still end up on a computer screen.


Photos by Lo Siento

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