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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

by Justin Ray

Photos courtesy of Hat-Trick

Hat-Trick Design has given new meaning to the phrase "Checkmate!" The design firm recently debuted Type(chess)set, a classic chess set that substitutes typography in place of traditional pieces.

Using the typeface Champion lightweight by Hoefler Frere Jones, Hat-Trick designed the pieces to represent the letters found in formal chess notation (for example, kings are Ks). Each piece's size also corresponds to its rank in the game, with pawns standing at 30mm tall and kings standing at 50mm tall.

Although the idea seems simple enough, creating the set wasn't a cakewalk. "It was a really tricky production in order to get the fine detail, making sure everything stood up properly, and [getting] the counters sharp," says Hat-Trick. "The Q, P, and Kt (that's shorthand for 'knight') had to be redrawn for stability."

Don't know how to play the game? Don't fret. The set also contains postcards that show how each piece moves. And despite Type(chess)set's popular demand, only 50 of the limited edition sets will be manufactured, so be sure to get yours soon.