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Nannie Inez photos by Jessica Pages


Clarissa Hulsey Bailey, designer and owner of Ecru Moderne, worked with Drophouse to realize her vision for the Nannie Inez store. “I designed these super fun fixtures for merchandise display and the multicolored acrylic origami ceiling panel,” says Bailey. “I contacted Drophouse because I knew the team could get it built.”


Nannie Inez

Lenoir photo by Ryann Ford

Lenoir photo by Ryann Ford

Hillside Farmacy

Hillside Farmacy photos by Applebox Imaging

Hillside Farmacy

Hillside Farmacy

Hillside Farmacy

Hillside Farmacy


HandleBar photos by Reagan Hackleman








W Austin photos courtesy of W Austin


W AustinWLivRoom-RecRoomFire-HiResA

W Austin

Ultimate Day Trip | Awesome Austin

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

By Penelope Bartlett

From its world-renowned music scene to its celebrity-magnet festivals, Texas’ hippest city has reached almost mythological proportions. Here are five of our favorite real-life Austin stops.

Nannie Inez
2210 S. First St.

Avid travelers and co-owners Deeyn Rhodes and Lonzo Jackson scour the globe looking for offbeat, beautifully designed products, including clothing, art, furniture, and gifts, to bring to their loyal community in South Austin. Not only do they have an impeccable eye for gorgeous pieces, but the interior design of the store itself—by Clarissa Hulsey Bailey of Ecru Moderne—is made to be a vibrant, welcoming environment that perfectly complements their eclectic finds. “The design has an international feel that is pretty unique in Austin,” says architect Christian Klein of design-build firm Drophouse, who created Nannie Inez’s angular, asymmetrical shelving displays and unusual ceiling installation, made of plywood and fiberglass. “It’s very sculptural and organic.” Deeyn and Lonzo’s thoughtful, curatorial approach and their showcasing of both local and international artists has resulted in a unique space where retail, art, and design converge. Where else could you pick up a hand-woven basket from Swaziland, an ashtray featuring the artwork of Japanese pop artist Yoshitomo Nara, and a Ryan Gosling coloring book in one shopping trip?


1807 S. First St.

Conceived by local rock star designer Chris McCray, Lenoir’s distinctive interior features—including the striking centerpiece light fixtures and the cabinets behind the bar—are made from reused materials sustainably sourced from nonprofit organization Austin Creative Reuse. The glassware was discovered in the basement of the Four Seasons, where co-owner Todd Duplechan honed his impeccable culinary skills. McCray’s DIY approach and use of recycled materials have created a vibe that is elegant, fresh, and forms the perfect backdrop for Lenoir’s French-inspired cuisine with a Southwest kick. Go for the romantic, one-of-a-kind surroundings, stay for the duck gumbo.


Hillside Farmacy
1209 E. 11th St.

Housed in a former 1950s drugstore, this recent addition to the trendy East Austin area has been lovingly restored using classic pharmaceutical cabinets from another vintage pharmacy that co-owner Greg Matthews serendipitously happened upon while searching for a place to open his dream restaurant with his wife, Jade. Other period features include the original tin ceiling and gorgeous hexagonal tiled floor, and the theme even carries over to charming details like the salt and pepper shakers, made from old apothecary bottles.


121 E. Fifth St.

Themed playfully around the ironic love of facial hair that permeates hipster culture, HandleBar is a downtown Austin nightspot devoted to “the smooth-faced patron’s admiration for all things mustache, and to having a damn good time.” “HandleBar’s premises may have once housed an old Studebaker dealership,” says architect Tray Toungate of designtrait, who created the homey interiors. “The exterior walls and floor plates are a very solid construction made of cast-in-place concrete and brick façades, so we wanted to work with these features, but also to add some softer elements to the space.” Hence the decor, which includes locally commissioned mustache-themed art works throughout the bar, and reclaimed items like children’s spring horses and a see-saw installed on the roof deck to create a sense of whimsy—literally a playground for adults. By projecting movies, sports, and viral video clips onto other buildings surrounding the roof deck, the bar creates an interaction with patrons passing by and draws them in to join the fun.


W Austin Hotel
200 Lavaca St.

Steps from Sixth Street and the hip Warehouse District, W Austin is ideally located next door to the iconic Austin City Limits music venue. With spacious rooms adorned with red chaise lounges, custom designed wallpaper and photography by ACL house photographer Scott Newton, and a bar that is home to collection of a staggering 8,000 records and a vintage McIntosh stereo, the W Austin is a perfect fusion of urban sophistication and the grassroots rock ’n’ roll spirit that Austin embodies.

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