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ODL's Balloon Factory at the MCA Chicago. All images courtesy of ODL

Up, Up, and Away

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Balloons are mystifying objects. Sure, everybody knows they stretch ridiculously, but how, exactly, are they made? The Object Design League, a Chicago-based design collective, can show you.  

Last summer, ODL publicly demystified the balloon making process with its Balloon Factory. Part workspace and part spectacle, Balloon Factory collapsed fabrication, distribution, and purchasing into one MCA Chicago gallery space. For one week, ODL's swirled and solid balloon designs drew quite the crowd, literally blowing up the museum's fun factor. 

Recently, Balloon Factory was selected for Tom Dixon's upcoming MOST exhibit for Milan Design Week 2012. With some help, ODL plans to take their pop-up factory to Italy to recreate their MCA success, bringing a little bit of levity to the otherwise weighty fair.

To help support ODL, contact member Michael Savona at michael@michaelsavona.com, or visit ODL online


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