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Video | Watch Seea Surfwear Get Made in the USA

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

We became instant fans of Seea when we started scouting designer surfwear brands for our upcoming Summer Style issue. So we're pretty excited that they've released a short film, entitled Made in the USA, about their collaboration with surf retailer Thalia Surf Shop. Filmed by Chis Steblay of the Seeworthy Project, the video shows the step-by-step production process of the Thalia x Seea Doheny rashguard, Swami's playsuit, and surf leggings.

From Seea:

From digging through bolts of fabric and mountains of zippers to watching the pieces being sewn in the downtown Los Angeles factory, it was all documented in moving pictures to show the care and personal touch that is put into the making of a Seea suit—the swimsuit version of the farm-to-table method. 

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