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Video | Behind the Scenes of the March Cover Shoot

Monday, March 18th, 2013

We didn’t have to look far to find a stand-out location for our March cover. Interiors expert Kara Mann designed this striking red dining room. Its lacquer walls took more than 600 hours to paint, and its ceiling is actually composed of hand-tinted True Metal Basketweave tiles by Maya Romanoff. “They are aged using a blow torch and preserved with beeswax paraffin to retain their appearance over time,” says Joyce Romanoff, president of the company. The custom finishes get the color just right, making the room the perfect space for a cover photo op.

Cover image photographed by Billy Rood on location in Highland Park, IL. Photo assistant: Luhrs Heldrich. Model: Natalia Lalonde with Factor Women. Stylist: Michael Favia. Stylist assistant: Anthony Mugnolo. Hair/makeup: Frances Tsalas with Factor Artists Emerging. Interior design: Kara Mann. Red top and gold pants by Barbara Bui at Helen Yi.

Video directed by Billy Rood. Production assistant: Luhrs Heldrich. Music: "Something Wobbly" by Broke for Free

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