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Wedding Invitation by La caja de tipos
Wedding Invitation by La caja de tiposWedding Invitation by La caja de tiposWedding Invitation by La caja de tiposWedding Invitation by La caja de tipos

It is indeed a very simple and neat design. I would love to punch a hole like that!

Thanks for featuring and posting our work here. We’re really happy. If you want you can see more pictures of this project following this link:

Thanks again!

Mike Mai says:

wow this is really neat. awesome concept

Hallie says:

I could see this being misused by disgruntled invitees…

Wedding Invitation = Confetti

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

La caja de tipos is a graphic design studio located in Leioa, a town near Bilbao, Spain. Founded by María Sáez and Ander Sánchez, the studio focuses on ideas as much as technologies, often getting its hands dirty by working without a computer.

In a recent project, they created playful wedding invitations that double as the confetti for the wedding. The lower portion of the invite contains all of the necessary event data and instructions for the top portion. The circles are micro-perforated so that guests can punch out any shape or message imaginable. According to Sáez and Sánchez, "it doesn’t stop there; these leftover circles become confetti to be thrown to Fer and Nora when they leave the church."

A totally unique idea and environmentally friendly to boot. Know of any other innovative wedding invitation design? Share it with us in the comments!

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