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Welcome to (New York in) Miami

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

When tasked with embodying the Big Apple origins of this restaurant’s proprietors in a beachy setting, Ricardo Velasquez and Cesar Conde of Casa Conde & Associates knew that they needed to adopt a New York state of mind.

“We basically imagined somebody from New York, with the city’s aesthetics in mind, opening a place in Miami Beach,” Velasquez says. “We tried to keep the NYC roots while adding little touches of local Miami flavor, like the chairs and bar made of Mayan teak from Guatemala, which is a very warm, tropical wood.”

The design firm also used a porcelain tile that resembles wood with a herringbone pattern on the floors, flamed black absolute granite for the countertops, and Carrara marble tops for the tables. Brass light fixtures and railings, antique mirrors, cowhide banquettes, and booths set against rich, dark wood all nod to New York City. “The wall treatment adds a lot of drama too,” Velasquez says. “We wanted a wood-paneling look, but to help the budget, we used only applied moldings on the drywall and painted everything the same color for a really nice look.”

The 70-seat restaurant, located in the Boulan South Beach Hotel in the heart of the area’s cultural district, opened last March and is designed with all hours of the day in mind. “My favorite aspect is how comfortable you feel in the space,” Velasquez says. “You can eat breakfast there with a very homey feel or experience a very cool vibe late at night with dim lights and cool music.” 

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