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Winter Wonderland

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Images courtesy of Mark Bryant

Having a client that happens to be a pilot with his own jet comes in handy when you’re a Phoenix-based architect and the house you’re designing is located in Missoula, Montana.

It’s a commute Eddie Jones made often while he designed a two-building addition to the homeowners’ residence. “Owning [another] house in Scottsdale frequently put [the client] in Arizona, increasing opportunities for me to hitch a ride,” Jones says. Set against 80 acres of forest and mountain scenery, the existing house and its simple pitched pavilion roof forms struck Jones as an inspiring starting point. The couple’s adventurous enthusiasm further fueled the creative fire. Jones created a dramatic “living pavilion” first, then a new freestanding garage. Finally, the house was renovated with guest rooms on the ground floor and a master suite upstairs.

“Light and views were everything,” Jones says. “Foreground views of the thick forest positioned the more private, secluded program and distant mountain views are primarily for the public spaces and master.” Outside, the living pavilion’s glimmering stainless steel roof is meant to reflect the sheen of winter snowfall.

The surroundings amplified the impact of the construction’s massive glass expanses as well.

For Jones, the end result was well worth the trek. Working with local contractor John Lentz and a team of subcontractors, the architect found more perks in Missoula than he was expecting. The remote site, he says, came complete with deer, flocks of turkey, icicles, and perhaps best of all? Snow days.

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