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World Water Day Visualization Challenge

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 partnered with Circle of Blue, a news organization reporting on global water issues, on a brand-new water-related visualization challenge. GE will award the winning submission a $5,000 prize.

Contestants will be provided with water data and tasked with providing informative, clear, and cutting-edge visualizations that draw the connections between all or some of the following: the rapid growth of cities, the effect of climate change and natural disasters, and the urban water system.


"Of all the challenges that influence this transition, none is more fundamental than water. Yet many of the world’s metropolitan centers lack planning, infrastructure and the water resources needed to support the new tide of urban residents. As these urban hotspots continue to grow at rapid rates, they seem to be outgrowing their urban water system. There is also evidence that water resources will be significantly affected by climate change, both in quantity and quality, particularly through the impact of floods, droughts, or extreme events."

Submission deadline:
March 15, 2011 11:59PM EST

A panel of water and data experts, and information designers

The winner will receive $5,000 provided by GE
The winner will be announced online on and featured in a Winner's Q&A.

How to enter:
Visualizations can be produced using any tool or digital medium. Your entry can be uploaded as any type of digital format.
Visit for more information on how to enter.

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