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Wrap and Stack

Friday, December 9th, 2011

If you're anything like us when it comes to wrapping presents, you tend to use whatever's in the closet. Sometimes that means a snowflake print for a summer birthday, or even better, menorahs for Valentine's day. 

But if you're exactly like us, then chances are you usually don't even have gift wrap of any kind on hand. With the holidays coming up, now's the time to consider funding Gift Couture's Kickstarter campaign. New York residents Sarah Fay and Justin Colt started Gift Couture in hopes of making the wrapping process a bit more fun. Their idea? To "produce unique papers that coordinate together into conceptualized themes and sets."

Their first project is the cheeseburger set, pictured here. While the papers look great together, we like the idea of using them in more unconventional ways. For the vegetarians, there are plenty of options. Grilled cheese, anyone? Salad? A big loaf of bread? And for the meat lovers? Well, actually, a stack of that solely that print would look pretty disgusting.

Happy Hollandaise, everyone!


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