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Wright’s Modern Design Auction

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

By John Dugan

Some of you may be thinking Oh, mid-century modern, I'm so over that. Yeah, I know, but don't you think there's more to it than those familiar celebrated must-have icons? A lot more to it, even. The man who put Chicago on the modern auction map, Richard Wright, is holding his "bi-annual Modern Design sale" tomorrow and you can bet there are some fine mid-century pieces in there. The auction estimates, it should be noted, are pretty reasonable, too. A good time to broaden your definition of modern and expand your collection? You know it is. Preview the auction online.

More info at Wright20.com 

Modern Design 
29 March 2012 Noon cst

1440 W Hubbard St
Chicago IL 60642
T  312 563 0020
F  312 563 0040


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