Zigolini's Pizza Bar | The Restaurant Guide 2012

05. Zigolini’s Pizza Bar | The Restaurant Guide 2012

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

By Lawrence Karol

Great food and great design don’t always go hand in hand—but they should. From a small pizza joint in New York City to a massive art-infused former factory in Sydney, these amazing spaces will sate your appetite for both wonderfully-prepared dishes and creative interiors.

New York, NY

New York’s Hell’s Kitchen is packed with pizzerias. So why does Zigolini’s Pizza Bar stand out? Let me count a few of the ways: The bartender and waitress were two of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered in a restaurant. The design of the narrow space—where a natural brick wall faces one covered with dozens of single-bottle stainless-steel wine holders—is cozy in all the right ways. Although the restaurant is small, “there’s something interesting everywhere you look,” says Eric Lam, of Lam Architectural Design.

Pops of red populate the space—in large lamp shades and small votive candle holders—and long communal tables add to the convivial nature of a room that might otherwise feel cramped. On the way to the restrooms, you’ll encounter a wall that’s covered with a beyond-life-size photo of Jean Harlow. I’m not sure why she’s here (Harlow was from Kansas City and not of Italian heritage) but I’m willing to bet that she would have loved the ambiance at Zigolini’s.

FOOD: Italian

DON'T MISS DISH: My favorites were the Pizzeta Regina Margherita and Pizzeta Prosciutto




   Design nirvana.

   Did someone say ‘wow’?

   Pretty damn cool.


   Calling for a redesign.

Knock it down and start again.

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