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Ziiiro Watches Are Fashionable and Futuristic

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

By Justin Ray

With a minimalist aesthetic and an affinity for color, Hong Kong brand Ziiiro has created a line of watches that are fashionable and futuristic. The brand sells watches that have no hands, numbers, or any other calibrations. Instead, the watches tell time with two swirling rings of color. The larger inner swirl tells hours while the thinner outer swirl tells minutes. It may sound like the watches would be difficult to read, but the designers claim that after a short time people get accustomed to it.

German graphic designer Robert Dabi and business partner Derick Ip first released the brand in 2010. The collection includes an array of designs paired with futuristic names like Proton, Ion, and Mercury. The watches also have nontraditional fasteners, using bracelets to hold the wrist. They also give buyers freedom to mix and match with removable faces and straps.

Dabi said, "The best thing to me is that our watches don’t follow any guidelines of how a watch should look. I don’t like to do things because others do it in a certain way; I always think things through from scratch and see what’s necessary and whatnot."

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