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  • Reconnecting to Nature

    Reconnecting to Nature

    HOK Craig Gronowski designer finds inspiration in Björk’s Biophilia and “living” building skins.

  • Altitude Adjustment

    Altitude Adjustment

    A designer’s Aspen retreat finds harmony with nature.

  • A Pint Full of Beer and a Pocket Full of Quarters

    A Pint Full of Beer and a Pocket Full of Quarters

    Arcade bars are amping things up in the design department to stand out from the pack. Here are three of our favorites.

  • A New Palette

    A New Palette

    Colorful, custom accents bring focus to an open-ended assignment.

  • The Design Bureau 100 | A Design Bureau Special Edition

    The Design Bureau 100 | A Design Bureau Special Edition

    JUST RELEASED: A cardinal collection of architecture and interior design that influences where and how we exist.

  • Creative Craftsmanship

    Creative Craftsmanship

    Attention to detail and a sense of confident autonomy help this designer craft one-of-a-kind furniture and woodwork.

  • Painterly Geometic

    Painterly Geometic

    Overlay/Underlay, Wolf-Gordon’s recently debuted collection of wallcoverings by renowned artist and designer Kevin Walz, proves that two-dimensionality is hardly flat.

  • City Living

    City Living

    A New Jersey couple’s chic city abode gets an urban upgrade.

  • Rugged Remodel

    Rugged Remodel

    Ward + Blake Architects refreshed a Wyoming residence without compromising its original features.

  • Go Fish!

    Go Fish!

    Aquarium Architecture’s luxe aquariums add unique flair to any setting.

  • Painting With Pizazz

    Painting With Pizazz

    Gretchen Schauffler infuses a spectrum of light and color into interiors.

  • Nate The Great

    Nate The Great

    Primetime TV show, update to his Target line, and a new gig with LG Studio: is there anything that Nate Berkus can’t do?

  • Rough Luxury in the Windy City

    Rough Luxury in the Windy City

    Tara Bernerd brings her industrial-chic style to the Thompson Chicago.

  • Young At Home

    Young At Home

    Architect Jeff Zimmerman creates innovative housing for a new generation of active seniors.

  • Look To The Light

    Look To The Light

    A Massachusetts temple is reborn as a center of light and community.

  • School of Style

    School of Style

    The School of the Art Institute’s new student center grows out of creative input from the entire campus community.

  • Balancing Act

    Balancing Act

    A quirky English vacation rental sparks a dialogue between the countryside and modernist architecture.

  • A Design Hits The Jackpot

    A Design Hits The Jackpot

    Clever features and a surprisingly sustainable design make Rivers Casino a winner.