Issue 26 Archives - Design Bureau
  • Fine-Art Fashion

    Fine-Art Fashion

    A British photographer produces slinky silk scarves from photo negatives.

  • Fill in the Blank: Jinil Park

    Fill in the Blank: Jinil Park

    When the 25-year-old South Korean designer says he’s inspired by his daily sketches, he means it quite literally.

  • Go Fish!

    Go Fish!

    Aquarium Architecture’s luxe aquariums add unique flair to any setting.

  • Designer Toy Story

    Designer Toy Story

    Pharrell Williams and Design Exchange get serious about playful design with This Is Not a Toy.

  • Factory Tour: Shinola

    Factory Tour: Shinola

    Detroit’s new factory and luxury brand wrote its own origin story—but the next chapter may prove more intriguing.