Art - Design Bureau
  • Fold School

    Fold School

    Teach kids about building sound structures with this DIY cardboard furniture from a Swiss designer

  • One Ring to Color Them All

    One Ring to Color Them All

    Designer Tim Liles makes fashionable accessories out of crayons

  • Dan Stafford’s Colorful Black Humor

    Dan Stafford’s Colorful Black Humor

    See how the 24-year-old illustrator/designer injects his colorful, disorienting works with macabre humor

  • Children’s Museum of the Arts

    Children’s Museum of the Arts

    Work Architecture Company designed a new, experiential space for the Children’s Museum of the Arts, set to open this fall

  • Peep Show: Alex Fuller

    Peep Show: Alex Fuller

    The Post Family’s Alex Fuller reveals his prized possessions and talks hot dogs and blankies

  • Peep Show: Letterform

    Peep Show: Letterform

    See what your favorite designers are hiding in their bags in our newest weekly column

  • Wayne Belger’s Bloodworks: Africa

    Wayne Belger’s Bloodworks: Africa

    Help fund artist Wayne Belger’s incredible new photographic project, Bloodworks: Africa, via Kickstarter

  • DB & Post 27 Present: Vignette

    DB & Post 27 Present: Vignette

    On April 28, Design Bureau, in conjunction with Post 27, will host a one-of-a-kind celebration of furniture, fashion, and fine art

  • Q&A: HiiH Gallery

    Q&A: HiiH Gallery

    Lâm Quảng from HiiH Gallery (pronounced “Hi Hi”) on handcrafted lamps and the relationship of light and paper

  • Elements + Principles

    Elements + Principles

    A dynamic fashion shoot exploring the basic tenets of art and design from photographer Jane J. Gaspar

  • Xylophones & Cellphones

    Xylophones & Cellphones

    Take a musical journey through the forest with a new ad for Docomo’s Touch Wood SH-08C cellphone

  • Kevin O’Callaghan’s Bizarro Art

    Kevin O’Callaghan’s Bizarro Art

    Design veteran and SVA professor Kevin O’Callaghan on the art of creative conservation

  • Shake the Air

    Shake the Air

    Ceramic artist Jun Kaneko designs his signature large-scale sculptures to make a statement, no matter their environment

  • Synergy of Art & Fashion

    Synergy of Art & Fashion

    Renowned fashion designers team with Vendôme Luxury to raise money to help deaf children with the new exhibition Synergy of Art & Fashion

  • Lego Letterpress

    Lego Letterpress

    Using Lego pieces and a Vandercook printing press, Physical Fiction serves up fresh 8-bit prints

  • Stefan Strumbel

    Stefan Strumbel

    Distorting conservative German tradition by radically reworking the traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock

  • Avedon Fashion 1944-2000

    Avedon Fashion 1944-2000

    Anne Havinga, the Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Senior Curator of Photographs at the MFA Boston, heads the Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 exhibit.

  • RGB Wallpaper

    RGB Wallpaper

    Italian-designed, light-sensitive wallpaper that reveals its three layers one color at a time