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  • Fold School

    Fold School

    Teach kids about building sound structures with this DIY cardboard furniture from a Swiss designer

  • Experimental Interiors

    Experimental Interiors

    If you find yourself a bit left of center, here is a collection of unusual and out-there home decor items to suit your style.

  • Unfolding Apartment

    Unfolding Apartment

    Normal Projects’ colorful storage solution for a New York studio apartment

  • Bureau Expert: Antoine Roset, Ligne Roset

    Bureau Expert: Antoine Roset, Ligne Roset

    We chat with the executive vice president and heir to the esteemed French furniture house

  • Roy McMakin’s Domestic Designs

    Roy McMakin’s Domestic Designs

    Whether retrofitting existing structures, designing retail spaces, or starting from scratch, Domestic Architecture is re-envisioning classic American style

  • Decked Out

    Decked Out

    These skateboard enthusiasts have breathed new life into broken decks

  • DB & Post 27 Present: Vignette

    DB & Post 27 Present: Vignette

    On April 28, Design Bureau, in conjunction with Post 27, will host a one-of-a-kind celebration of furniture, fashion, and fine art

  • Woodsman Table

    Woodsman Table

    Bringing fiction to the kitchen with a table inspired by Little Red Riding Hood

  • Todd Bracher

    Todd Bracher

    The young, accomplished designer places a premium on simplicity and mystery in his lauded home furnishings

  • Pebble Mattress

    Pebble Mattress

    Nook engineers a good night’s rest with its new high-tech mattress

  • Contest: 220°C Virus Monobloc

    Contest: 220°C Virus Monobloc

    You saw it in print, now win it online! Enter to win a copy of Gestalten’s new book, 220°C Virus Monobloc: The Infamous Chair

  • Tom Dixon’s Void Light

    Tom Dixon’s Void Light

    The Void Light’s dimpled metal form inspired its name — an enigmatic contradiction in terms

  • Ghost of a Chair

    Ghost of a Chair

    This transparent chair gives the appearance of draped cloth supported by nothing more than air

  • Stefan Strumbel

    Stefan Strumbel

    Distorting conservative German tradition by radically reworking the traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock

  • Tree Bookshelf

    Tree Bookshelf

    The name says it all with this whimsical storage centerpiece

  • Magic Carp-pet

    Magic Carp-pet

    Fish appear to swim as you walk around this coffee table and rug combo

  • Naoto Fukasawa

    Naoto Fukasawa

    Contemporary, industrial furniture and furnishings from the Japanese designer

  • Origami-Inspired Decor

    Origami-Inspired Decor

    The art of Japanese paper-folding gets an updated twist with products for the home.