Photography - Design Bureau
  • Wedding Invitation = Confetti

    Wedding Invitation = Confetti

    An unique wedding invitation in two parts from Spanish design studio La caja de tipos

  • Vignette: The Event Photos

    Vignette: The Event Photos

    Check out photos from “Vignette,” a one-of-a-kind collaboration between Design Bureau and Post 27

  • Wayne Belger’s Bloodworks: Africa

    Wayne Belger’s Bloodworks: Africa

    Help fund artist Wayne Belger’s incredible new photographic project, Bloodworks: Africa, via Kickstarter

  • Where is Design Bureau?

    Where is Design Bureau?

    Show us where you keep your issue(s) of DB! If we dig it, we’ll publish it in our anniversary issue this fall

  • Bureaucratics by Jan Banning

    Bureaucratics by Jan Banning

    According to photographer Jan Banning, it was, initially, “the most horrible assignment” that he had ever received

  • Paul Rudolph: Demolished

    Paul Rudolph: Demolished

    Chris Mottalini’s photo essay captures Paul Rudolph’s run-down modernist architecture on the eve of its demolition

  • Instant Flowers

    Instant Flowers

    Help fund a new book of macro flower photography taken with a dental camera from the ’70s

  • Polaroid Party + Book Release

    Polaroid Party + Book Release

    RSVP now to celebrate the release of a new instant photography book in Santa Monica, CA on 1/22/11

  • Celine Clanet’s Maze

    Celine Clanet’s Maze

    A photo essay from Céline Clanet profiling a small village in the Norwegian Lapland

  • Tickl Magazine

    Tickl Magazine

    A “naughty little publication” filled with risqué Polaroid photography

  • Impossible Project

    Impossible Project

    Florian Kaps’ mission to save instant analog photography and the new class of classic photographers in the Impossible Collection.

  • Avedon Fashion 1944-2000

    Avedon Fashion 1944-2000

    Anne Havinga, the Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Senior Curator of Photographs at the MFA Boston, heads the Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 exhibit.

  • November/December Issue Launch Party

    November/December Issue Launch Party

    Join us in Chicago on December 8 for an exhibition of Polaroid photo series by some of the city’s top design firms and creative professionals.

  • Four Lines

    Four Lines

    A journey through film: four Italians, four cameras, one photojournal

  • Guillotine Camera

    Guillotine Camera

    With his surreal, panoramic triple exposures, Steven Monteau found the beauty in a traditionally violent mechanism.