Magazine - Design Bureau


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Congratulations on the magazine…it looks great. It is always nice to see when there is a huge effort made in order to follow the path of the design and be true to it.”—STEINNUN, DESIGNER, ICELAND

As long as you continue to sell it at Borders and Barnes & Noble in Chicago, I’ll opt to not get a subscription, just to keep each issue from getting ravaged in the mail. Honestly one of the best magazines I read,  and the layout, typography, paper stock, and photography are all flawlessly perfect. The content is great too! I’m a real magazine-design nerd, and yours is just wonderful.“—MICHAEL GALLEGLY, READER VIA FACEBOOK[/column]

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I discovered Design Bureau a few months ago and became completely obsessed with the content and aesthetic. In my opinion [this magazine has] something truly special.”—COREY MASON, READER

Too often design magazines curate or cater to only a handful of designers, leaving a majority unnoticed and thus undernourished. Design is about dialogue and conversation with a greater audience, and Design Bureau offers the design community a platform to be heard.”—MARK KOLODZIEJCZAK, PARTNER, STUDIO TRACTOR ARCHITECTS, BROOKLYN[/column]